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The divided factions of men’s fashion

Posted: Nov 23 2014

We choose our identities in order to live our lives within the realm of our self-perception.

Often befriending people of similar types in carbon-copied guises for the affirmation of our self-image and lifestyles, we unknowingly create distinct factions within society.

The old adage of “birds of a feather flock together..” explicate man’s emotional and psychological need for peer acceptance and social grouping.


The fashion element is among the defining key factors that separate the factions, creating a diverse collective of pidgeon-holed identities much to a marketing executive’s delight.

These factions are undeniably obvious as they are part of the visual landscape that confronts us in our daily lives from the views on the streets to our living rooms, pouring out from our entertainment media, arresting any diverse or creative developments you or I might potentially possess with their mundane uniformity.


So, man is typified by his fashion choices so choose wisely to create the man you wish to be or to which faction you might like to belong to, and as for those men who are self created through their own integrity, creative vitality, whim and wit, we say an inspiring man is in the house.


The Highend-ers

The high-end creature studies the international runways and expensive publications for a lifestyle that shimmers with a complex that reeks of status worship.

If the label doesn’t have a hugely popular or an “oh-so-hot-right-now” internationally acclaimed name on it, the garment will not get much attention.

The status game rests primarily on the size of the designer’s name, popularity and price tag. Yes gentlemen, size does matter.

So, thanks to the “highend-ers”, designer appeal remains an aspirational goal, keeping the high-end fashion industry busy in their evolution of perfectly glossing the fashion world with their talent and high-end quality.


Key designer: Tom Ford

Wear it if: You can and just because you love being that high-end man.


The Stylish Centrists

This man is totally centered, with both his pragmatic and opposing self-indulgent qualities working in synergy to create a wardrobe that ticks all the boxes in both style factor and masculine sensibility.

His selections are deprived of extreme fashion frivolity but they are not mainstream-dull either. Defining the center ground of fashion without becoming dull is the hardest niche to fill in the spectrum of nattiness.

His styling is essentially classicist but with a current day application, thus achieving an overall look of timeless masculinity with a sartorial wit that is relevantly fashionable.

A full understanding of fabrics, raw materials and quality craftsmanship is a prerequisite into this gentlemen’s club.

He is the intellectual and creative portion of the market place, and possibly the reason why the clever smaller labels and boutiques are still thriving today.


Key designer: Oliver Spencer

Wear it if: You’re an innate stylist with an earthy approach toward men’s fashion.


The Cookie-cutter Conformists


The conformist is a conventional man who is most comfortable surrounded by his doppelgangers.

Uniformity is the invariable nature of his security blanket from which he can do no wrong. After all, how can he be wrong if he looks like everybody else?

Since he has little interest or knowledge about quality or the variances in fashion directions for the season, the conformist with all his sartorial ingenuousness is most secure being dictated to by large cookie-cutter brands.

Lower quality, cheaper, disposable fashion serves their purpose, as this creature is not spoiled by the finer trappings that sartorial splendor has to offer.

It is easy fashion without much effort or thought required and this seems to suit the generic market perfectly.


Key Designer: Zara

Wear it if: You just want to look presentable and blend in.


The Bogan-istas

It seems Australia is losing its endearing bogans. The humble and characteristic traditional bogan has morphed into an arrogant know-it-all fashionista!

He is now internationally well travelled after quite a few trips to Bali and is widely knowledgeable when it comes to fashion, courtesy of the hours spent online at the lower end mass fashion stores.

Uniformity is key in this sector; the wide neck long T’s (with or without the “fashion” print), the nylon puffer vest, the hoodies, ball caps (and winter beanies are so rad with summer gear!), tattoos and lately, the beard has caught on…

If you look like an “X-factor” contestant, you are in the game.

There is one fashion tradition that has survived the transformation of the bogan, the singular fashion item that will live on to survive any new trends and work with any outfit as far as this market is concerned: the humble rubber flip-flop / thongs.


Key designer: Asos

Wear it if: You do not know any better.

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