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The new "hipster": authentic or affliction?

Posted: Oct 10 2014

Sub-cultures have come and gone in modern societies throughout the times. Some have dominated certain markets of society only to fizzle out with the most inaudible whimper. Others have lingered on, surviving the decades of various popularities by forming much smaller subculture enclaves.


More recently, we have seen the social substrata buckling under the mass surge of the hipster culture. There is however, a need to redefine “hipster” as the hipster in origin is much different to the current day contemporary replication.


Originally, the hipster is characterized both by their anti mainstream fashion styles and eclectic interests in intellectual and artistic endeavours. This rare species were fewer back then, found mostly within the consortiums of creative talents, modern day philosophers and the highbrowed. They were spotted by their sense of style, cleverly outfitting the new with the old but all done with a unique aplomb inherent of creative freedom and individual personality.


Sadly, the hipster today is nothing like its predecessor. It is at most a visual replication based on superficial mass fashion trends rather than a subculture substantiated by its creativity and lifestyle. It is mainstream uniformity with its entire look readily cash-and-wrapped from any lower end mass retail outlet. There are many faces with hipster-beards and moustaches but vacant of the innate coolness and the intrinsic qualities that legitimately defines a hipster.


When the look of a unique, underground, post modern culture becomes mainstream, there is liable to be some serious bastardization to the culture itself. Nevertheless, the authentic hipster survives the violation by refining their craft. If you observe with great attention to detail, you will spot the authentic hipster. His outfitting will tell a different story to his poor imitations’; the quirks are much smarter and less conventional, the items of clothing/accessories are of better style and quality purchased from distinctive boutiques rather than the mass chain stores, and finally, the overall look is carried by a genteel personality of intellect and quiet confidence.


So if you look hard enough you will spot the authentic hipster, but the old adage of “it takes one to know one” might have a keen play in your observation. As for me, I applaud the integrity of those who keeps authenticity alive and well within all the cultures and subcultures of our afflicted society. Bravo!

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