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Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 trend report

Posted: Sep 10 2014

Shopping for a new season begins with the knowledge of what is current. This will ensure you are headed in the right direction of adding a fresh and current look to your existing wardrobe. While it is great to look and feel relevant, your overall wardrobe should also reflect your personality with your very own twists on looks. Hence, the essence of personal style is inherent. This element is the stuff that separates the “stylish” to the fashion conscious carbon copies.

Colour palette

 Fresh looking tones dominate this season’s colour palette. “Cool” colours, especially blues are everywhere from pocket squares to sports coats; blues and navy are menswear’s of-the-moment obsession. Neutrals are kept much lighter in shade to complete the overall “fresh” look. Blue tones make this season easy to outfit, as most colours will work with it. Citrus tones are great with blues, and of course, the obligatory white – have one of everything in white and you are set for this season!


Prints are the big thing this season and they are literally getting bigger. Last year’s small prints must have been a training wheel for this season’s larger size counterpart. Flora and fauna graphics are the choice prints, a must have this season whether it is on jackets, shirts, tops, shorts or even pants. If you have never worn prints before, ease into it by wearing them in smaller items such as accessories or shorts. The international runways are showing some amazing prints that are truly beautiful and yet, masculine.

 Fabric and fit

Linen is prominently used throughout this summer’s collections. It is a particularly beautiful fabric to wear, and incredibly stylish for both city and resort dressing; linen adds a touch of formality to some clothes and in many guises, linen also offers a nubbiness that is masculine and satisfies the current penchant for texture in menswear. Some linens are almost as sheer as cotton, offering an alternative to the perennial favorite fabric for men`s shirts. Many men shy off linen because of its “wrinkling”. That is all part of the Italian sprezzatura, which is the magic of linen.

Sports coats are shaped for a fitted silhouette but with an added ease. Avoid previous years’ super slim cuts and bring on the more relaxed current fits. The same applies for shirting and pants. “Effortless style” is key and a relaxed fit is part of achieving just that.


 Double-breasted sports coat

The double-breasted sports coat is Spring/Summer 2014’s must-have. Once associated with preppy yuppies and cruise ship captains, it's since become the must-have tailored alternative to a two-button silhouette. This season, though, the double-breasted sports coat is also worn in a more casual state of affairs. It gives an unexpected dose of nonchalance to casual outfits, from swiftly dressing up a t-shirt or a pair of linen resort pants as well as bringing a continental edge to any shirt and neckwear ensemble.

DBs in plain block colours are obvious choices. These will no doubt be a fashion entry for the mass markets. Designers with sartorially savvy clients in mind were showing DBs in plaids or floral/fauna prints on the runways, bringing an exciting fresh new look to what is essentially a traditional late 20th century sports coat.

 Short sleeve shirts

Short sleeve shirts are still “hot” this summer, from the plain and basic to the party shirts with great floral prints, and there are also the dressier short sleeve shirts furnished with sharper design lines.

The Nehru collar has taken over from last year’s cutaway, bringing an exotic appeal to the humble short sleeve shirt. Long sleeve Nehru collared shirts are also taking the runways by storm.

Printed swim shorts

All swim shorts are not created equal and sitting at the top of the heap this season are shorts with some added visual pop. The big thing in swim shorts are bold statements of art and photographic prints, something worth a double take at the beach.


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  • Posted by Lilliana Inguanti on September 20, 2014

    I think a double breasted jacket is always elegant, I am glad they back for me this season!

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