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Spring/Summer 2014’s man-scent.

Posted: Sep 10 2014

Scent should be personal, an olfactory signature of your personality. It is disappointing that many men unthinkingly choose those generic big brands with their nose-flaring concoctions of synthetics that give everything a department store fug. Ignore the big brands’ marketing ploy with the posturing Adonis and sexual innuendos and go for the true substance of a definitive scent made from high-grade natural ingredients. There are many boutique brands in the market place to separate the men from the cattle. Be discerning and choose one that distinctively signatures your presence.

Our top 5 picks for this spring:

No.1 -

Acca Kappa 
1869 Eau De Cologne

A distinctively elegant and masculine fragrance characterized by the warm notes of leather accord. Around the refined leathery harmony comes a scent of elegance and powerful virility. Cardamom seeds and Geranium leaves add vitality and freshness, while Violet leaves and Iris add dynamism and character. The base notes add a hint of sensuality though Amber and Vanilla.

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No. 2 -

Pardon Extract

The ever so stylish Pardon is the newest addition to the Nasomatto family. It evokes the persuasion of utmost masculine elegance and charm. Pardon is inspired by the sophisticated and suave gentlemen of the late 18th and early 19th century. It opens with a faintly sweet floral whisper, then moving to hints of dark unsweetened chocolate and Tonka bean. Cinnamon and sandalwood mingle beautifully leaving a rich and warm shadow on the skin.

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No. 3 -

Acqua di Parma 
Colonia Assoluta

Acqua Di Parma’s Colonia Assoluta is more than a fragrance; it’s a way of being. It is the signature of an eclectic, creative and curious man with perfect taste and balance. His unique style is an original expression of modernity. Colonia Assoluta opens with the brilliant freshness of Calabria bergamot and verbena. In the heart, jasmine, roses and chili pepper follow on with radiant elegance. The base is entrusted to the noblest of the blond woods, like American cedar, with amber and patchouli. This fragrance paints a Tuscan landscape ripe with citrus fruits and bergamot that is warmed by the sun, and refreshed with Mediterranean Sea breezes that carry notes of far away spices.

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No. 4 -

L’Eau De L’Artisan Eau De Toilette

A scent for lazy summer days, refreshing and green; verbena, lemon and mint, blended with basil and marjoram on a robust woody base. Like drinking iced mint tea on a picnic in the summer countryside. Classic elegance mixed with modern savoir-faire, served straight up with a twist of herbs and moss. L’Eau De L’Artisan is a timeless and sophisticated fragrance worn and loved by men of the same.

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No. 5 -

Frapin & Cie L’Humaniste

Telling the story of a famous family, glorious estate and thousand year traditions, the P. Frapin & Cie perfumes, like their cognacs, have become a symbol of luxury and of the exceptional quality of French culture.

L'Humaniste symbolizes the true spirit of humanism, celebrating the notion of tolerance, independence, freedom, quality and equality above vulgar consumerism. A fresh and civilised cologne; citrus top notes with bergamot, cardamom, bay berries and black pepper, with heart notes of juniper, nutmeg, thyme and peony, and
base notes of gin, oak moss and tonka bean. Frapin's original intent was to impart a sense of gin and tonic with its effervescent citrus top notes and juniper in the heart. Fortunately, it does not make those around the wearer think that he has indulged in a three-martini lunch. L'Humaniste follows the gin and tonic introduction by fading into woods and amber twilight with hints of mellowed gin reminiscent of a barrel that once held a dry white wine.

Are we saving the best for last? We’ll let you be the judge of that. Let us know what you think.

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  • Posted by Shannon on September 24, 2014

    This is a great insight into scents that are not your average, run of the mill fragrance. There is nothing worse than to have your signature scent become the flavour of the month! I am by no means a scent connoisseur, so to have these fragrances so elegantly described, I can almost taste them!

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