Merola Gloves - Nappa/Cashmere Lined - Tan

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Merola Gloves are a heritage company manufacturing luxury gloves in Rome since 1883. Renowned for using classic glove making methods, high quality skins, silks and cashmere; Merola has maintained its position as one of the world's most ancient and  prestigious glove making workshops.
Each Glove is skillfully manufactured by trained artisans from the master cutter who selects each skin, stretches and cuts the skin to the appropriate size and style of each glove.
The sewers then stitch each glove which are then handed to the hand stitchers that will masterfully stitch each glove by hand. Once the sewing is completed the glove is lined and then pressed using a special 4 finger shape press.
Final inspection and then packed, each Merola glove is truly hand made and an item for you to cherish for life.

Product Details
Nappa Leather - Tan
Hand stitching detail
100% Cashmere lined
Made in Italy.
Each pair of gloves are boxed in a Merola Gloves box.




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