Welcome to C&T, established in 2006, Melbourne Australia, Clemente Talarico (C&T) is a true boutique menswear lifestyle brand recognised for its distinctive signature and high quality products.

C&T’s brand philosophy is inspired by a non-comprising attitude to creating individual style with a steadfast passion for achieving collections that stand out from the mass markets. We are small and will remain a very niche and exclusive brand not allowing our products to be available just anywhere.

Over the years C&T’s creative directions culminated in a signature with a nouvo classic overview composed of elements from the dapper to the rugged. C&T has it's own aesthetic and for this we are proud to have established ourselves as a unique Australian menswear brand. Placing great importance on clever design, superior quality fabrics and manufacturing thus solidifying truly versatile collections that constantly change and evolve. We offer brand new products every season ensuring that our loyal and special clients can always return every season for something new and exciting. 




Paul Talarico

Career profile: Head menswear designer, accessory buyer

 “ In C&T, I wanted to create a look that is removed from mass trends and yet, still has a strong current mode. It must have timeless appeal, creative wit and design integrity.”


Clement Chuah

Career profile: Interior designer, creative director

 “I believe we should create a self image that is completely true to who we are, in accordance to our personalities and lifestyles. I would like C&T to able the individualists with a certain level of sartorial savvy to do just that.”



 C&T presents two collections per year; spring/summer and autumn/winter.

Collections are lifestyle based with an extensive product width from dressy to casual wear.

Our creative ingenuity is paralleled by the emphasis we place on the quality of materials, construction and finish of our products.

Boutique production levels apply across our seasonal ranges withholding each product style to no more than a total of 40 to 80 units.

C&T also presents a “limited edition” selection with certain styles being restricted to a total of 30 or less units.

Accessories are sought discriminately by quality, style and exclusivity.


“Shop small and liberate the individual”